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  • solar mounting system

Solar Steel offer a wide variety of solar support mounting Systems. Each individual framework is designed to provide You with the flexibility to meet your changing installation Requirements accompanied with the highest standards Of British engineering.


Our innovative adjustable angled system that can be set from 5R through to 35R. Manufactured fully assembled along with our fully protective Ethafoam bases to protect against all worldwide soft membrane roof material structures. Reg: 4031638


ss csbA multifunctional base system that is adaptable to be installed on either concrete roof structures or aluminium/steel base rails. Available in a fixed pre assembled angle or adjustable if required. Reg: 403169


ss tbMaximise your buildings Kw output with our trapezoidal frame designs. High space efficient back to back panel layouts are achieviable using this tripod system.Ethafoam base protection comes as standard.


Continuing with space efficiency the TCS frame system offers the option of securing the framework to concrete structures or aluminium/steel base rails.


ss rbOur raised base system allows the installation of panels when available roof surface is at a premium or existing equipment is causing shading implications.Slim base footings can be structured to fit around previously installed building services.